What we're looking for

We are looking for Augmented Reality Engineers to join the Soar team! As a member of our Experience team, your role will cover the whole lifecycle of shipping new AR features for mobile devices. From client requirements and design to delivery, you will drive the creation of a sleek, modern application that will bring a new medium to the masses.

What you'll do

  • Push the limits of mobile devices and create amazing user experiences
  • Build smooth, stable and fun products
  • Develop features from design through implementation and launch
  • Evaluate technical trade-offs of every decision
  • Work with the design team to implement the best 3D and 2D UI/UX practices


  • Experience with programming languages such as C#, C++ and Javascript
  • Experience with the Unity game engine and 8th Wall
  • Experience with WebGL frameworks
  • Experience with augmented reality frameworks such as ARCore, ARKit and ARFoundation
  • Experience with point clouds
  • Experience with project management tools such as Confluence, Jira, GitHub, Miro and Slack
  • Experience working in an agile environment
  • Working knowledge of computer vision